Having an Eating Disorder at a Healthy Weight

Having an Eating Disorder at a Healthy Weight
There is a misunderstanding that to have an eating disorder you have to be undwerweight. This is NOT the case. All people struggling with an eating disorder …



Disorders explained through art
Eating Disorder Awareness Group member Sherylin Jones and facilitator Kim Haebich are hoping to eliminate the stigma that comes with an eating disorder through the art works of people affected. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK. LIVING like two people and … Read more on The Border Mail

Eating Disorder Patients Unveil Emotions Through Art
“The tears over the heart and belly, centers of pain for me, show the overlap between depression and eating disorders. The blue face represents depression and suffocation,” reads a description written by Lilly, the artist. Lilly and the other patients … Read more on University of Rochester Newsroom