Has Anyone Used Lucinda Bassett’s “Attacking Anxiety & Depression” Self Help Program? and Did It Help?

Question by santa_14075: has anyone used Lucinda Bassett’s “attacking anxiety & depression” self help program? and did it help?
I have a teenager who is experiencing anxiety, depression and phobia. I have read about a self help program to deal with this. It is from the Midwest center by Lucinda Bassett and claims to do wonders. It is not a free program and before spending money I would like to hear from anyone who might have bought or used this particular program.

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Answer by Mommy to be of June Baby & Tater
Personally I thought it to be expensive and it didn’t help. I have found that getting into a support group and private theraphy helped me a lot more than spending the $ 470 that I paid for the stupid program. My thought was that if it is soooo good, why didn’t they offer a money back program???

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