Has Anyone Ever Heard of Desert Oasis Recovery in New Mexico?

desert rehab center
by CFBSr

Question by abcguy123: Has anyone ever heard of Desert Oasis Recovery in New Mexico?
Here is the link: www.desertoasisrecovery.com
I am addicted to heroin and have met with the folks at Desert Oasis. Has anyone heard of them?

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Answer by brknangel31
I think I say that place on that show Intervention on a&e

Answer by ted s
years, i did not want to go cold turkey, i called around to many drug rehab places, the high end places were 45k and up, this one was alot cheaper, they put me on Subutex, wow what great stuff that is, i have been off Oxys now for 2 months, and take 4 milligrams of Subutex a day. Desert Oasis was very nice, the counselors were great, they had a nice fitness center, great food, but the biggest thing, i got off oxycontins. I hope to stay sober now (-:

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