Gymnastics in Newark on Trent UK?

Question by Teacup: Gymnastics in Newark On Trent UK?
I’m 15 and i’m looking for Gymnastic clubs in Newark. I can’t seem to find anything! I know you’re probably thinking “why would a 15 year old girl want to start gymnastics?!”
I did gymnastics when i was 3 but my parents got divorced when i was 4 so i had to leave. I wouldn’t say i’m very flexible. But i’m flexible comparing to my friends. I can do a split! 😀 I know that i’m not going to get flexible where i could go to competitions and stuff but it’s not the reason why i want to do gymnastics. It’s very good to be flexible and strong for all kinds of reasons. It’s very healthy and gymnastics is fun. It takes a lot of hard work but you need to work hard in everything if you want to achieve something right?
So my questions are “Are there any Gymnastic clubs in Newark (UK)?”
“Should i know how to do some gymnastic tricks before i sign up?”
“What should i wear?” “Should i be on a special diet?” – The last question in very important to me because i’m 15 and i weight about 150lbs. I’m medium boned and 5’6 tall. what should my weight be?I had a friend who’s now anorexic because her ballet teacher told her to lose a lot of weight if she wants to achieve something in ballet. I think it’s very mean because she was very skinny and now se fights anorexia. I don’t want anything like that to happen to me.
Please don’t be mean!

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Answer by upsidedowngirl
Lincon Gymnastics Club:

The preliminary class you need no experience, and they will teach you everything you need to know, then if you master that you move up to the intermediate class which will teach you harder stuff. eventually you could make it to the team which is much more advanced.

I would wear a leotard and shorts (like Soffe or spandex shorts). and if you don’t have a leo’, you can get them online all over the place and probably at the gym, or wear a comfortable T-shirt and soft shorts. You want the T-shirt not to be too baggy and big (so you can go upside down) and if it is, just tie it at the side with a hair band, or tuck it into your shorts.

Eat very healthy but don’t stop eating! just focus on getting the recommended servings and lots of fruits and veggies! there is absolutely no need for you to get a eating disorder for any sport! their are healthy ways to lose weight if you are concerned about it, but i would not worry about it. As long as you eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of vitamins, you should be good to go! Everyone assumes that you have to be skinny to be a gymnast, but really you can be whatever weight you want (it is a little harder when you are extremely over weight though) Gymnastics can be a lot of exercise and burns a lot of calories, so it can help you lose weight if you are overweight, so you don’t usually see fat gymnasts. But you have to keep eating HEALTHY like lots of veggies, and fruits, and protein! Please don’t worry about your weight, because if you eat right and exercise, it will take care of itself!

Don’t worry, you will do great, and remember to have FUN!!

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