Guy or Girl?

Question by shortii47: guy or girl?
ok I have had this b/f for the past 3 yrs. off and on bcuz of his drug problem and we have had a lot of problems in the past. we have worked through them all. We also have had a really bad past and that created alot of tension. He was abusive and mean and degrading but then other times he can b reallu nice and caring. I stayed wit him for 3 yrs. He is now in rehab. Since hes been there I became really close to this girl. SHe is gay and we were friedns at first but it became more than friends… When I told my ex he was soo mad at me. He threatened to leave rehab and im scared that hes ganna do suttin to me or himslef. But i am falling in love with this girl. I really liek her. I have never felt this way before in my life and I have had a lot of relationships in my life. What do i do? Do i stay friends wit this girl and b with my ex? Do i dump my ex totally and stay wit her? What would u do and y? thank you for answering.

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Answer by Kaitlyn F
some people would say being gay is wrong but it shouldn’t be if you positive you are in love with her than be with her, because if u go back with ur ex he might abuse you more and that wouldn’t be good. i say stay with the girl, or do what your heart tells you!

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