Greg Marksberry 2-1-09, “the Chicken and the Eagle” (Part 1 of 4)


Greg Marksberry 2-1-09, “The Chicken and the Eagle” (Part 1 of 4) – As part of the continuing mission of Heritage Christian Church’s to win, build, and send forth God’s children into the world, we present Pastor Greg Marksberry’s compelling challenge to believers: Live life to its full, like an eagle soaring through the sky guided by the blessed gospel light.


Bringing colour back to the world

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The idea of joy became foreign to me. I had a distant memory of a … I related to the oddball characters and the stories were naughty and fun to read, so in my state of depression and distraction, a rhyming couplet – one at a time – a playful little …
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Paul Krugman on Why Jobs Come First

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We have a persistently depressed economy, persistent lack of jobs. So in that sense, it's a depression. And there's also a more technical meaning. Depression economics is when the normal things you do to boost the economy, have the Federal Reserve cut …


Norma: La Brava, como siempre

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As Idle No More becomes a pan-American, and perhaps soon a global, movement for the rights of indigenous people, I can't help feeling that Norma is in the midst of it, scooting her wheelchair among throngs of Native people and their supporters of all …
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