Good Intro for a Paper About Eating Disorders?

Question by Kevin: Good intro for a paper about eating disorders?
Eating disorders are serious conditions with which you are so worried with food and weight that you can’t focus on anything else. The main types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. Eating disorders can cause serious physical problems, and the most severe can be life-threatening. Most people with eating disorders are girls, but guys can also have eating disorders. An exception is binge-eating disorder, which affects almost as many guys as girls. The signs and symptoms of eating disorders are different depending on the type of eating disorder. Treatments for eating disorders usually involve psychotherapy, nutrition education, family counseling, medications and hospitalization.

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Answer by Kinelepa Lee
Pretty good. I think you should come up with something else for your first sentence. You need something that is interesting (maybe a fact or something) and will grab your reader’s attention. You should also try to use “eating disorders” a little less and try to make your sentences flow into each other a little more, they are kind of choppy.

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Disordered Eating – My Story
This is basically just me talking about my story with disordered eating habits.