Going to Rehab for Depression!!!?

Question by cool beans: Going to rehab for depression!!!?
Ok so i’ve been thinking of going away to rehab for my depression but first i wanna know what its like..can i even go away for rehab if i’m under 18? What are the daily routines like? Can i get to see some of my friends while i’m there? Do depression rehab centers accept medicaid? Will this affect my schooling? (im about to be a junior in high school) anything else that you know would be helpful

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Answer by Zuel
to many questions…just go

Answer by morgan’s got swaq™
i went to rehab for depression, suicide, self harm & all that jazz when i was 12. so yes you can go when you’re under 18.

my routine went basically like this:

•check in.
•self esteem.
•group therapy.
•free time/when people went to go to private therapy.
•confidence building.
•coping skills.
•knowing who you are.

& just stuff of that nature. i don’t really remember every subject we went through but it changed everyday & we repeated subjects but it was mixed every day.

if you’re in outpatient yes, you can see friends.

if you’re in inpatient, no.

see, outpatient is like school. you go at like 8 am. & go home at like 2:30.

inpatient you stay over every day & night until you’re dishcharged.

if you happen to be in rehab during school, the school counslor will fax over all of your assignments, projects, etc. i forgot to say everyday there’s a period for school work. oppsies(:

extra info i can give you is, they take EVERYTHING seriously. don’t joke about drugs, suicide, being upset, having weapons, or threatning to run away from home or the building. when you get there, they’ll probably have a girl nurse pat you down & have you roll up your pants & empty your pockets to make sure you don’t have anything harmful. also, my rehab didn’t allow band tee-shirts. i dunno why. also, try to be-friend people. it makes it MUCH more fun & enjoyable. don’t be shy or embarassed. everyone there is in the same boat as you & they won’t judge you.

**i assume you’re not going to the same place soo not everything will be the same. i’m guessing it’ll be a lot like mine. but i’m not sure.

i wish you the best of luck(:


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