Global Warming, LSD, Euthanasia: Bring on the Death Panels

Global warming, LSD, euthanasia: Bring on the death panels
We have entered an era of deepening heat waves, prolonged droughts, growing interest in insects as a source of protein, and an expanding geriatric population. By imagining the collision of these threads, the cult classic has proved to be something more … Read more on Salon

Living to 100
The reasons behind the numbers range from a higher population in general; improved public health in the early 20th century, which allowed more children to survive childhood; and medical advancements like early cancer treatments, life-saving surgery and … Read more on StarPhoenix

Myths and realities about aging
In fact, the elderly do not suffer depression more than their younger counterparts. “Depression is multifactorial,” he said. “It usually has a cause. … and there are wonderful medications that treat depression. That is an easy problem to treat, but … Read more on Joliet Herald News