Getting Sacked, Bouncing Back

Getting sacked, bouncing back
Hipple, who played quarterback for the Detroit Lions for 10 years before retiring, spoke about recognizing the signs of depression and the types of treatment for it at the Magnuson Hotel in Houghton. The event was part of the Copper Country Mental … Read more on Daily Mining Gazette

Focusing on preventive care
… diabetes and cholesterol tests, as well as routine vaccinations against diseases such as measles, polio or meningitis. The law also is designed to cover individual counseling on topics like quitting smoking, alcohol use, losing weight and treating … Read more on Great Falls Tribune

CPAP Treatment For Sleep Apnea Could Make You Look Younger, More Attractive
People with obstructive sleep apnea who use CPAP for at least two months look younger and more attractive than they would without the sleep apnea treatment, according to new research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. "This may help … Read more on Huffington Post

Why The Movie Myth Of Injecting Medication Into The Heart Is Garbage
Ah, the dramatic scene that ends with an actor stabbing a needle straight into their heart, narrowly escaping death and magically curing whatever ailment just befell them. While very dramatic, it's also very untrue and an exceptionally bad idea if your … Read more on Gizmodo Australia

Successfully Treating Depression With Craig Price
Craig Price Advanced Psychotherapist successfully treats another patient of depression. coping and curing depression, curing sadness and fears.