Get Skinny for a Dress?

Question by oh snap: Get skinny for a dress?
vvv I want to get my body like the girl in the picture for that dress. vvv

But I need to accomplish this by June.
It will be very hard because I am lazy and I like to eat alot.
I always say I will eat healthier but it doesnt work.
Its very hard for me.
Especially because my mom makes dinner and of course I have to eat it.
I am currently about 115 lbs and about 5’1.
Please help me !
Thank you soooo much !

Best answer:

Answer by Samantha
this is in the wrong category…but whatever.

drink more water.
eat better meals throughout the day (larger breakfast, 2 small snacks, small lunch).
at your mothers dinner eat your vegetables first, then carbohydrates and meat in equal portions. You will fill up faster on the vegetables this way.

be more active… just go for walks, bike, whatever.
even just cleaning your room

Answer by simplyfresh23
ok well really you wont get that body because eeryone has a different body but get up and exercise one a day at least and eat healthier and smaller portions with all of that yo will look greta by june

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