Get Help for Chronic Depression Part I Youtube


Get Help for Chronic Depression Part I Youtube – Are you depressed? Leading Psychiatrist and Researcher Dr. David Hellerstein from the Depression Evaluation Service of Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry explains , in an interview by TBN’s Arlene Mukoko for Joy in Our Town, how to get your depression evaluated and treated. For further information see the Columbia University Depression Evaluation Service website at: Also see the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry website at


Dealing With Loss and Depression, From Dr. Gail Saltz (WATCH)

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If you're depressed but don't want to take medication, there are other options to help improve your mood. Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz suggested talking with a professional, exercising vigorously and exposing yourself to enough light. Psychotherapy will …
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Taboo – MEN get Depression But Men Don't Get Help #NHBPM

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Then why is it that more women are receiving services for Depression than their counterparts? Simply put, it comes down to the stigma surrounding mental illness…Men are more likely to try to tough it out and suffer through it before they seek any help.
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Depression During Pregnancy Linked to Future Mental Health Problems for Mom

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About one-third of women who experience depression during pregnancy, or antenatal depression, have suicidal thoughts and less than one-fourth seek help from their physician, the survey found. Antenatal depression has a lower profile than postnatal …


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