Gangs and Ex-Offenders and the Election of President Obama, Rev. KWalker, LGreenlee, and RBritton1


Gangs and Ex-Offenders and the Election of President Obama, Rev. KWalker, LGreenlee, and RBritton1 – Comments With Dr. James Haney Presents*Election President Obama, Gangs and Ex-Offenders, With Rev. KWalker, LGreenlee, RBritton, gang members and ex-offenders who talks about their experiences and what it would mean to them, Part 1. I need you to support and subscribe to this channel. Send me a donation at or mail me a few dollars to james haney,PO Box 591, Mt. Juliet, Tn, 37121-0591. I appreciate any help you can give, drjhaney This video has Extended Text (et) Violent Teen Deaths* Dr. James Haney In 1990, 275 Tennessee teenagers between 15 and 19 years old died by violent deaths from homicides, suicides, and accidents. More than 14000 American teens died by violent means the same year. Tennessee ranks 34th nationally in the number of violent teen deaths, with only sixteen states reporting a higher teen violent death rate. This was the information issued recently by the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth in the “Kids Count Dissemination Advisory Committee Report.” The Committee reported that Tennessee’s violent death rate was 75 deaths per 100000 teens in the population. The highest number of violent deaths occurred in urban counties, but the highest rate occurred in Lewis County, one of Tennessee’s rural counties. This is primarily due to the fact that “accidental deaths, and not suicide and homicide, account for most teen deaths.” Therefore, the Report explained: “An automobile accident involving multiple teens in a sparsely populated


58 million/- for drug addicts rehab centre

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Kikale village, Rufiji district in the Coast region is the site for a new rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol addicts. The Kikale Youth Care Organisation (KYC) Secretary General, Maulid Mlawa, explained that the centre would start with a sober …
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Ex-director of rehab program indicted

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"Stealing from a nonprofit that provides services to people with drug and alcohol addiction, including those who are homeless, demonstrates a willingness to place one's greed far above the needs of the community," Schneiderman said in the statement.
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