Fusion of Dioxygenase and Lignin-Binding Domains in a Novel Secreted Enzyme From Cellulolytic Streptomyces Sp. SirexAA-E.

Fusion of dioxygenase and lignin-binding domains in a novel secreted enzyme from cellulolytic Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E.

J Biol Chem. 2013 May 7;
Bianchetti CM, Harmann CH, Takasuka TE, Hura GL, Dyer K, Fox BG

Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E is a highly cellulolytic bacterium isolated from an insect/microbe symbiotic community. When grown on lignin-containing biomass, it secretes SACTE_2871, an aromatic ring dioxygenase domain fused to a family 5/12 carbohydrate-binding module (CBM 5/12). Here we present structural and catalytic studies of this novel fusion enzyme, thus providing insight into its function. The dioxygenase domain has the core beta sandwich fold typical of this enzyme family but lacks a dimerization domain observed in other intradiol dioxygenases. Consequently, the X-ray structure shows that the enzyme is monomeric and the Fe(III)-containing active site is exposed to solvent in a shallow depression on a planar surface. Purified SACTE_2871 catalyzes the O2-dependent intradiol cleavage of catecholic compounds from lignin biosynthetic pathways, but not their methoxylated derivatives. Binding studies show that SACTE_2871 binds synthetic lignin polymers and chitin through the interactions of the CBM 5/12 domain, representing a new binding specificity for this fold family. Based on its unique structural features and functional properties, we propose that SACTE_2871 contributes to the invasive nature of the insect/microbial community by destroying precursors needed by the plant for de novo lignin biosynthesis as part of its natural wounding response. HubMed – depression


Onset of Work Restriction in Employed Adults with Lower Limb Joint Pain: Individual Factors and Area-Level Socioeconomic Conditions.

J Occup Rehabil. 2013 May 8;
Wilkie R, Blagojevic-Bucknall M, Jordan KP, Pransky G

Purpose To examine individual and area-level socioeconomic factors that predict the onset of work restriction in employed persons with lower limb joint pain. Methods Population-based prospective cohort study. Adults were aged 50-59, reported hip, knee, foot pain or a combination and maintained employment through 3 year follow-up (n = 716). Work restriction was measured as inability to participate in work as desired. Multi-level logistic regression was used to assess the associations of work restriction onset with baseline factors: health (severity of knee pain/functional limitation, comorbidity, anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment, abnormal weight), demographic socio-economic, environment and area-level employment deprivation. Results 108 (15.1 %) reported the onset of work restriction over 3 years. Severe lower limb joint pain and functional limitation, number of affected body sites and area employment deprivation were independently associated with onset. Significant interactions indicated a greater effect of area employment deprivation on older and more depressed workers. Conclusions Results suggest that effectively preventing work disability in those with OA will require both condition-specific interventions to decrease pain and maintain function, and providing alternative employment opportunities for those with progressive functional limitations. Results in older workers are particularly concerning, as retirement ages are expected to increase in the general population. HubMed – depression


Health-related quality of life and comorbidity among older women veterans in the United States.

Qual Life Res. 2013 May 8;
Der-Martirosian C, Cordasco KM, Washington DL

PURPOSE: This paper examines the predictors of quality of life among older women (?65 years of age) veterans in the United States focusing on the effect of comorbidity on health-related quality of life (HRQOL). METHODS: Data from the National Survey of Women Veterans, a cross-sectional nationally representative population-based, stratified random sample of women veterans, were used with an analytic sample size of 1,379 older women veterans. The SF12 physical and mental composite scores (PCS and MCS) were used as outcome measures, and a weighted comorbidity index was used as a covariate. RESULTS: Older women veterans who are married, employed, with higher income, and higher education have better physical health (PCS). For mental health, education is positively correlated, whereas depression and posttraumatic stress disorder are negatively correlated with MCS. After adjusting for socio-demographic, mental health, and chronic health indicators, the results showed that SF12 PCS varied by VA use status for each level of Seattle Index of Comorbidity. The same pattern was not found for MCS. CONCLUSION: For each level of comorbidity, VA users have worse HRQOL which might suggest that case mix adjustments comparing VA users and non-VA users must take into account more than comorbidity alone. HubMed – depression


Evidence-based recommendations for the prescription of exercise for major depressive disorder.

J Psychiatr Pract. 2013 May; 19(3): 204-12
Rethorst CD, Trivedi MH

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a source of great disease burden, due in part to the limited accessibility and effectiveness of current treatments. Although current treatments are efficacious in a segment of the population with MDD, there is a clear need for alternative and augmentation treatment strategies. Exercise is one such alternative treatment option. Research has shown exercise to be efficacious as both a stand-alone and an augmentation therapy. As a result, exercise is now included in the American Psychiatric Association’s treatment recommendations. The purpose of this article is to provide clinicians with a knowledge base to prescribe exercise to their patients. The authors describe the evidence supporting the use of exercise in the treatment of MDD, provide evidence-based recommendations for prescribing exercise, and address practical considerations related to prescribing exercise in real-world treatment settings. (Journal of Psychiatric Practice 2013;19:204-212). HubMed – depression