Funny or Offensive? You Be the Judge

Funny or Offensive? You be the judge
For example, my friend posted this on Facebook the other day and my response was something along the lines of this: “No, there would have to be a torrential downpour (depression), a tornado (mixed episode), and a 90 degree sunny day (manic) for the … Read more on About – News & Issues

FEATURE – Swinging moods
Between episodes of mania and depression they may have no symptoms. The frequency and severity of the symptoms will vary between individuals but, on average without treatment, some will have extreme manic episodes that may last from a few weeks to … Read more on Practice Business

Missoula mom shares story of her struggle with a perinatal mood disorder
Postpartum depression is a much more common disorder and affects 15 percent of women. Bipolar also … When the results came back, it became clear that Bangs had all the hormones to recognize the tiger in the jungle and the danger, but none of the … Read more on Helena Independent Record

ToDo ToDay: Impossible!, Gun Crazy, and Humble Fire
Happenstance Theater is experiencing a bout of depression. Set in 1930s America, Impossible! A Happenstance Circus poses a simple question: What's a circus like without the funding? Gone are the brass bands, manic lions, and fear-inducing clown getups. Read more on Washington City Paper (blog)