French Researchers Hope Drug Can Help People With Autism

French researchers hope drug can help people with autism
If the switch isn't flipped at birth, the brain remains overexcited and becomes vulnerable to injury — and that's what a group of French researchers thinks happens in the brains of babies who go on to develop autism, according to a paper published … Read more on St. Cloud Times

More than creepy crawlies inspire fear: how phobias work
(Photo by Photofusion/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc. … “And yet most of us grow out of it.” For those who don't grow out of their phobias or who develop them later in life, cognitive behavioral therapy is … Read more on ABC2 News

Day of disregard
There are those days ,weeks and months, when in the midst of our busy-ness we fail to take notice of God’s presence. I had one of those days and it reminded …