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With times as difficult as they are these days, everyone is under a lot of stress. Many turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the upheaval and negative events in their lives, and while they may find temporary relief, they find themselves on a difficult journey back to health. There are many facilities around the US that help those in need with their substance and alcohol abuse related problems, but many people do not even seek them out, thinking they are too expensive. While celebrity treatment centers certainly are costly, there are many more options available, including free rehab centers that will help people begin the healing process.

Free rehab clinics fall into two main categories – faith-based organizations and public, government funded centers. Christian rehab centers take a religious approach to overcoming substance abuse, treating the illness as a process of self-cleansing on both a spiritual and physical level. Patients spend lots of time attending prayer sessions and classes, as well as therapy and medical sessions. Their goal is definitely religious – they want to inspire devotion in recovering addicts that will turn them away from addiction and towards a life of religious service. Their logic is that simply treating the physical addiction is not enough – without a religious realignment and rejuvenation, people will succumb to their addictions again and again.

Public benefit free rehab services provide treatment for low or no cost, depending on need. Much like scholarships for school, they will review your case, assess how much you can afford to spend on rehab, and if they determine you have no financial means, they will offer treatment for free. Even some private rehab clinics have beds available for need-based patients that cannot afford their standard residency rates.

The point is that there are services available for people gripped by addiction who are looking for help, whether or not they can afford to pay for it. Free or inexpensive care is available nearby.


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