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I have not ever been to any residential treatment nor have I ever been in trouble for anything to do with drugs. No record or posession, or any drug offense ever. I voluntarilly told the courts that I had used drugs. I did not ever want to go to a … Read more on About – News & Issues

Commission supports addiction recovery home
This facility, which would be located in a residential home in Mason County, is for those who are at a very high level of recovery. These will be people who have already gone through detox and rehabilitation. Those picked to live at the home will be … Read more on Point Pleasant Register

'Game changer' to reshape rehab
(PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — It took Jerome Gilgan three stints in residential treatment before he started to get a handle on his drug addiction and his life of crime. Gilgan was one of the lucky ones. He returning twice to the Volunteers of America men's … Read more on