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In these troubling economic times, people may find it much harder to afford treatment for alcohol dependency. Ironically, the economic stresses of today have caused an increase in the abuse of alcohol. It may seem like there is little to no hope available today in receiving the help needed to stop drinking. This is not the case however. There are many different free alcohol treatment options available which are very successful in treating the disease of alcoholism. These include both inpatient and outpatient programs.

Support groups such as alcoholics anonymous have helped many people overcome their dependency on alcohol. One of the best points of support groups is that there is no charge for their services. While AA will pass around a donation basket during their meetings, no one is required to pay for attending. Almost everyone involved in the program is a recovering alcoholic, so they all know the pitfalls and dangers of alcohol. This allows a client to have a support system in place that they can call on almost anytime of the day or night, knowing that they have someone there who understands exactly what problems need to be overcome.

Most states in America have state-sponsored programs and hospitals that offer free alcohol treatment programs to those who qualify. Qualifications for most of these programs are generally fairly easy to meet as long as a person has honestly decided they are ready to quit drinking but need help in accomplishing this goal. These state-sponsored programs can range from inpatient treatment centers to outpatient options. Almost all aspects of the recovery treatment is paid for by the state government. This type of program has proven to be very successful in the past also, and helped relieve some of the financial burdens from the recovery process.

One more potential free alcohol treatment option is to seek help through an insurance carrier. Many insurance companies today are willing to pay for the cost of a treatment program. While this option may not always be free, depending upon the insurance structure, deductible costs, and treatments covered, the cost will be substantially lower than they would be if the patient had to pay for the services out of their own pocket. However, when examining this option, it is best to look through everything that the insurance company covers the cost of. It is still very possible for a client to have to pay nothing at all for treatment. Another thing to look for in the policy is if there are different treatment options available. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of certain outpatient programs while other policies may allow for inpatient treatments. Calling the carrier of the insurance policy will help answer all questions about what is covered and what isn’t.

Alcoholism can be a very debilitating disease. No one in today’s world should go without treatment of alcohol dependency due to financial hardships. There are plenty of free alcohol treatment options available if the potential ex-alcoholic is wiling to do a little research. Deciding to quit drinking is the first, and often the hardest step in recovering from alcohol addiction. Utilizing a free alcohol treatment program will help ensure that every step taken during the recovery process will be affordable, No one should have to feel they can’t get the help they need and want in order quit.

Alex Johnson has been advising clients on alcohol treatment for the past several years.

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