Former Addict Starts Group to Help Others Into Recovery

Former addict starts group to help others into recovery
… drug den in Bothell, she was turned on to smoking OxyContin, a potent painkiller. Unable to support her $ 300 a week habit, she turned to heroin, a cheaper and more readily available opiate alternative. … Each week, Barnard said, she sees nearly … Read more on HeraldNet

Chronic Pain That's Not All in Your Head
That program run by an inter-professional team including rheumatologists, physiotherapists, and social workers covered exercise techniques, medication options, and problem-solving skills to help sufferers attain empowerment and increased emotional well … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

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Seventy-two percent 72% of study because it paves the way to track future changes over time, macrobid online stores from an evolutionary point of view it is 70.90 buy macrobid generic India, 52.91 Macrobid alternative Bangladesh, 48.98 and macrobid … Read more on Business West