For Those Who Think That RAD in Adoption Is BS?

Question by Jennifer L: For those who think that RAD in adoption is BS?
Do you also feel that RAD diagnosed in non-adopted children is also BS? I’ve heard here, and elsewhere, that people are describing RAD as “buyer’s remorse” for adoptive parents. Since RAD is not exclusive to adoptees, is the entire diagnosis BS? Or is RAD only a legitimate diagnosis if the child is not adopted?

Best answer:

Answer by H******
Nobody said it was exclusive to adoptees.

I do believe kids are over-diagnosed, over-medicated and mislabeled all too often. A disproportionate number of them being adopted kids

Answer by drkangel210e
I don’t think RAD is bs, but I do think that adoptive parents are often unprepared for the possible emotional problems that might arise. It’s horribly unfair to all parties involved to act like adopting a child is always like having a biological child. If adoptive parents knew what they might be signing up for, there would be fewer disrupted adoptions.

I personally believe that RAD exists, as I have experienced aspects of it my whole life thanks to adoption.


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