For the More Intellectual Thinker Please?

Question by magnetic_azimuth: For the more intellectual thinker please?
people keep asking how God can send someone to hell for doing what they do, answer this copy-paste I have set below

understand this, if you have kids, they as small kids mess up and you correct them. They grow a little bit and start to argue with you about how they are right, but you see it differently.

why would you expect to see things from God’s perspective about right and wrong and punishment when you can’t see things from your parents perspective when you are a child and definately of the same nature and essence as your parents.

what are your thoughts on the perspective of things from the two stand points

Best answer:

Answer by The Reverend Soleil
No parent worthy of the title would roast his child in the oven for being cheeky; but that is EXACTLY what Joe Hovah commands of us in Leviticus…

It would be morally abhorrent to inflict infinite punishment for a finite crime — indeed, for NO crime at all; since, by definition, an infinitely powerful and perfect god couldn’t possibly be harmed by mere mortals like us.

Luckily, it’s all all just pretend…

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