For or Against Pro-Anorexic Sites?

Question by sjxcgirl17: For or against pro-anorexic sites?
I am doing a project on pro-anorexic site for my public speech class and I wanted to get some random statistics on how people feel about them.
1) Are you for or against them?
2) Do you belong to any pro-anorexic sites? If so , which one(s)
3)Do you know anyone personally that has an eating disorder? Which disorder?
4)Tell/expand on feeling if u want

Best answer:

Answer by Twerd
1) Totally against.
2) No, I didn’t even know they existed.
3) I know a couple of girls who actually wish they were anorexic. And I’ve had a few eating/body issues myself, but nothing serious enough to be considered anorexic.
4) Encouraging girls to become anorexic is like murder. People should be punished for it.

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Dear Friend – Stacie Orrico wrote this song about her friend dealing with an eating disorder. Something struck a chord in me, and I realised I needed to make this into one of True Beauty Productions videos. Enjoy..


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