For Bipolar People Is There an Opposite to Manic Dysphoria and What Is It Called?

Question by bluguy57: For Bipolar People Is There An Opposite To Manic Dysphoria And What Is It Called?
I know that for bipolar people you can be in a manic state of energy but extreme upset i.e. manic dysphoria.

Is there an opposite? Is there a mixed state where you have the low, sluggish energy of depression but with the extreme happiness that sometimes accompanies mania?

If there is what is it called? I was thinking “euphoric depression” but that sounds like an oxymoron because “depression” has connotations of being sad. This would be like a state of depression minus the unhappiness plus great happiness.

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Answer by Baby Doll
The opposite of manic dysphoria is depression. And yes a person can have both at the same time it’s called cycling. Look up cycling bipolar and you’ll get the proper name that you are looking for.

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