Follow-Up Video to Sit or Stand the Learning Series; Session 1 of 6


Follow-up video to Sit or Stand The Learning Series; Session 1 of 6 – This video serves as a THANK YOU to all that tuned into the online radio broadcast of Sit or Stand The Learning Series; Session 1 of 6 and to speak on what t…


Program for Troubled Youth Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Students also have daily group time, which allows them to focus on particular behavioral issues with a therapist, Solt said. A drug and alcohol class and life skills training are incorporated into … Youth who display one of the following behaviors … Read more on State College News

Two Muslim Brothers Who Took the Assimilation Path
Instead, sports teams gave us a sense of belonging. Since my athletic father was a health nut, under his strong influence, my brother and I steered clear of the alcohol and drugs that seem to have plagued the Tsarnaevs—and might have fueled depression … Read more on Wall Street Journal

5 Things About Life, the Universe & Everything
What we do have is good empirical evidence that some therapies can help some people overcome depression. But that doesn't mean everyone will overcome it through therapy. I've worked with many people and, for whatever reason, they remain depressed … Read more on (blog)