Finding Motivation to Exercise When You Have Depression


Finding motivation to exercise when you have depression – Bill talks about how it is difficult to find motivation to do things like exercise when you are going through a depression Send your recovery questions to bm…


Are you an accidental, over the counter opiate addict?
Stefanie was diagnosed with depression in 2011, but didn't take the prescribed anti-depressants until a few months later, when her beloved grandfather died. It took a few weeks for their effect to kick in, but once it did, it gave her the space to see … Read more on Irish Independent

Sense of Smell May Be a Vital Clue for Exercise Levels in Parkinson's Disease
However, according to Dr. Ben Weinstock, a local physical therapist, a poor sense of smell could signal something much worse: a loss of nerve cells in the heart. Recent … These could be constipation, loss of smell, poor sleep, depression, and fatigue … Read more on PR Web (press release)

Can a Stress Questionnaire Identify People at Risk for Depression?
To launch an investigation into whether or not the BJSQ can identify people at risk for depression, Keiko Wada of the Department of Public Health at Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine in Japan led a study involving over 1,800 employees of a … Read more on (blog)