Financial Aid Ineligibility?

by wallyg

Question by Metti: Financial aid ineligibility?
last semester I was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and it was my first time offense. do i loose my financial aid, is there something i can do?

Best answer:

Answer by Elaine G
The system is still on the “innocent until proven guilty” so unless a judge and or jury has declared you guilty of a drug offense you are still good for financial aid

If you are guilty you can no longer get federal student aid, but you can still get school scholarships and public sector scholarships. Just be sure to get good grades and go out there and apply. Hopefully you won’t be involved with drugs no more.

Though I do hope that the legalize some of ’em

Answer by Lisa C
If you were convicted of possession and it’s your first time, you would lose financial aid for one year from that date. However, if you complete an “acceptable drug rehabilitation program”, you can regain eligibility immediately. There is a worksheet you can complete that helps you figure out exactly when you would be eligible, and this is what your financial aid office would have you fill out. I’ll attach the link here.


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