Fevola Tries His Luck in Vanuatu

Fevola tries his luck in Vanuatu
The self-confessed gambling addict, who just two years ago asked management of Melbourne's Crown Casino to ban him from entering the gambling palace and pleaded with bookmakers to not give him credit, paid several lonely visits to the gaming tables of … Read more on Brisbane Times

Edward Welch: The Heart of Depression
That the brains of depressed people are chemically different from the brains of those who are not depressed is self-evident. We are embodied …. It can help a person sleep, and it might alleviate some pain, but it does not have the power to build … Read more on Crossmap (blog)

Is my child overweight?
She noticed that her mother always ensured that she and her siblings always had a second helping at meals. She, in fact, would get a third one on … This leads to lower self-esteem, anxiety, and often, depression. An obese child may also suffer … Read more on Daily Nation

Being uncharitable
William Shawcross's comments earlier in the week, following the disclosure that the number of staff at foreign aid charities earning salaries greater than £100,000 a year has grown from 19 to 30 since 2010, caused consternation. The leading article in … Read more on Spectator.co.uk (blog)

5 #Health Benefits of Smiling on #Smile Power Day!
5 Health Benefits of Smiling on #Smile Power Day! http://depressionhero.com/top10mistakes Today is smile power day! If you are like me, you may get caught up…