Feels Like I Can’t Swallow?

Question by Just M: Feels like I can’t swallow?
Basically, about a month ago I started to feel like my food was getting stuck in my throat, and sometimes like I was choking… Sometimes it will feel like the food won’t get down at all. When it comes to swallowing liquids though I seem to have no problem. I went to see a so called “swallowing specialist”, and they stuck the camera down through my nose and into my throat, observed no abnormalities, or problems when swallowing, water, apple sauce, or animal crackers. This condition is very stressing because I eat much less than I used to, and don’t even look forward to eating, in fact I dread it. Looking into it online, it seems that other people are suffering from this disorder also?

Looking back I do recall, this all starting after seeing someone I knew choking on his food. It seems like after that i’ve had a strong fear of choking on my food. I just don’t know what I can do about this, it’s very distressing. I mean along with this symptom I get regular shortness of breath, dizziness, tingling sensations around my face, hot/cold flashes, and various other symptoms. The problem here is although they are all akin to anxiety disorders, it’s very hard to really believe that myself, and when i’m in the middle of it all, it feels very real, and I have begun to fear that I might have a terminal illness, or something serious. Any input or help would be welcomed.

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Answer by Mary Kontrarry
Sounds like a psychosomatic thing to me. You might want to talk to your therapist.

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