FAT / Eating Disorder?

Question by ITS ME!!!: FAT / Eating Disorder?
im 13 and 5’2” and a girl and i weight 100pnds. am i fat? honestly? i diet alot, but then i do a whole bunch of emotional eating too… its hard because i look and feel fat but my friends say im thin but a guy, who i thought liked me but then didnt, said im fat. i look in the mirror and cry at how i look sometimes. i tried to make myself puke once, but i could, so i got really upset. i weight myself ALOT and get upset over it. i shower with the lights out. alot of people think i have and eating disorder. do i? i eat 2 peices of toast, a tangerine and jusce eat day for lunch. i dont eat breakfast and harly eat dinner. please tell me if i have an eating disorder. but dont tell me to tell any one because its a waste of your time, i wont. please answer!!!
also, my hair is falling out alot more than it used to, and my stomich cramps even when im not on my period. and weirdest of all, im craving spinich. i like it, but not this much! i dont know if its related or what, but PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Answer by ??C00lGirl93??
u do1!!!!!!

god !! start eating!!! ur not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the guy’s just an a** that’s all, he prob just wanted to make u feel bad )


and eat breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s the most important meal of the day!!

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