Faith Based Initiatives?

Question by ZombieTrix 2012: Faith Based Initiatives?
Have you ever supported a church, temple, mosque or other faith-based establishment even though you do not subscribe to that faith simply because they are doing good works for the community?

There is a local church that I give money to on occasion because they run a food bank that is very important to the people in the area. It costs $ 50,000 a year to run, and they cannot get state help because the are on the boarder of two states. The state they are in insists that any resouces from them go only to state residents, but 90% of the people who use the food bank come from across the boarder. The other state won’t help them becuase it isn’t in their state. So they rely upon donations. I am not Christian, but these people are really helping a lot of people, so I support them.

Do any of you have similar stories?
Thanks capital… I don’t do as much as I’d like to… but every bit helps, right? 😉

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Answer by capitalctu
On behalf of all those people you are helping, thanks. THe world needs more of you.

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