Failing UK Drugs Policy Should Take a Leaf From Uruguay and Portugal

Failing UK drugs policy should take a leaf from Uruguay and Portugal
As a result, the country has cut usage and got more people into treatment. On a visit to Portugal with the Home Affairs Select Committee, as part of our study into drugs policy, we could not find anyone opposed to this approach, from politicians to police. Read more on CITY A.M.

Woman to Know: Sandy Jeffers helps others recover
Addiction is a hard cause to fight for because it is a direct result of personal choices. That's true, but I remember putting that drink to my mouth and thinking, "I wish I didn't have to do this." I didn't know there were tools or a way out. But once … Read more on Indianapolis Star

Law and reorder: Why next June's Sacramento district attorney race is crucial
Her ideas speak to this shift; she says that we can't keep incarcerating people who'd be better served in community corrections and treatment programs. “I disagree with the argument that we can't afford rehabilitation,” says Krell. “What we can't … Read more on Sacramento News & Review

Demi Lovato Reveals How She Would "Smuggle" Cocaine On Planes To Feed
“Something I've never talked about before, but with my drug use I could hide it to where I would sneak drugs. I couldn't go without 30 … You stay strong Dem-Dem! Tags: cocaine, confessions, demi lovato, drug use, drugs, gifs, planes, rehab, smuggling. Read more on