Factors Associated With Traditional Chinese Medicine Utilization Among Urban Community Health Centers in Hubei Province of China.

Factors Associated With Traditional Chinese Medicine Utilization Among Urban Community Health Centers in Hubei Province of China.

Asia Pac J Public Health. 2013 Jul 15;
Cai Y, Mao Z, Xu B, Wu B

This study aims to examine resources and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and factors influencing TCM utilization in urban community health centers (CHCs) in Hubei Province of China. A cross-sectional survey including 234 government-owned CHCs was conducted in 2009. One-way analysis of variance analysis and a Poisson regression model were used to examine distribution of TCM resources and factors influencing TCM utilization. This study found unequal distribution of TCM resources among districts. TCM outpatient visits were positively associated with higher economic development districts, lower initial capital investment of the CHCs, health services covered by health insurance, higher qualification of TCM physicians, provision of TCM health records and rehabilitation, and greater availability of herbal medicine. To achieve equal access to TCM services, policy makers should consider the socioeconomic differences and income groups, provide training for TCM physicians, build pathway to recruit senior TCM physicians, and cover more TCM therapies by health insurance. HubMed – rehab

Full mouth rehabilitation with maxillary tooth supported and mandibular tooth and implant supported combination prostheses: a 4-year case report.

J Indian Prosthodont Soc. 2012 Jun; 12(2): 113-9
Pramod Kumar AV, Vinni TK, Mahesh MR

The primary objectives of successful prosthetic rehabilitation are to provide function, esthetics and comfort to the patient. Combination prosthesis is one which is supported by both natural teeth and implant. The periodontal ligament and osseointegrated interface distribute force differently to the supporting bone. Therefore problems can develop when tooth and implants are combined in the same prosthesis. However, clinicians can apply biomechanical principles, to negate the deleterious leverages exerted by the fixed prosthesis by using non rigid components and to equalize the stress applied by the prosthesis on implant and teeth. A case of partially edentulous situation was rehabilitated successfully with a combination of prostheses. Maxillary arch was restored to function with crowns, fixed dental prosthesis and with an extra coronal castable attachment prosthesis and the mandibular arch with a combination of tooth and implant supported attachment prosthesis. The clinical and laboratory steps for the fabrication of these prostheses are explained in this report. HubMed – rehab

Prosthetic rehabilitation of a post evisceration patient with custom made ocular prosthesis: a case report.

J Indian Prosthodont Soc. 2012 Jun; 12(2): 108-12
Gupta RK, Padmanabhan TV

It is the god given right of human being to appear human, and the face is a person’s visiting card. We can hide everything but we can’t hide our face. Eyes are generally the first feature of the face to be noticed and the presence of a pair of eyes is quite essential to maintain the balance and the esthetics of the face. Loss of eye has a crippling effect on the psychology of the patient. The aim of all ocular prosthetic procedure is to enable rehabilitation of the patient in the society with a normal appearance and self esteem. This article describes a clinical report of rehabilitating post evisceration patient due to glaucoma of right eye with custom made artificial prosthesis using stock eye shell that can create esthetically pleasing results. HubMed – rehab

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