Extreme Depression (Happy Pills?)?

Question by Ryan: Extreme Depression (happy pills?)?
I am an outcast, and am depressed ALL the time. I am only 16. My parents are in the process of splitting up, i know, i’m 16, but it is such a surprise to me, and i love them both. I am an outcast at school. I live in one of the biggest hick towns. I will be doing cyber school (online home school) during my junior and senior years at high school. everything seems fake and blurred to me. I have been feeling suicidal. Should I approach my mom (again) about taking depression pills?

Also, if you could post times in your life that were hard, and what got you through them that would be great.

One more question:

Do depression pills REALLY work? What does it feel like?

thank you
please don’t tell me to read the bible, I am an atheist, and am not changing
by the way, NO COUNSELING, i don’t want some stranger listening to everything that seems wrong with my life, then just telling me the same thing over and over again. I’m smarter than that

Best answer:

Answer by elena b.
no they dont work!!! please dont take them! if you take them and stop, you will be in even more trouble. i know that this will sound bizzare, and something you wont even want to try. but, this has been tested by thousands of christian who are new again. only Jesus can help you. find a Bible and start reading the new testament. i mean really read it. im sure you have heard of God, and the Bible. but if you start reading, you will actually learn that their is so much peace and wisdom in that book. i will say a prayer for you, and you do too, just ask God to change your life and help you overcome your hardships. God bless

Answer by M’aiq the Liar
It’s just a bad idea….

Not only do anti depressants “increase suicidal tendencies in teens” but a recent study shows only 51% of the people who take them feel any better. That’s the placebo effect, in other words; it doesn’t really work.

My teenage years were hard times…I hated highschool, I had no friends and I felt suicidal at times…What I did was I would just lock myself away somewhere and dive into another world whether it be a book, a game, music, something I was drawing or writing…Every morning I’d wake up and take life one day at a time. By the time I got into college I started feeling way better. I got to choose my own schedule and I got to choose what I was learning.

Depression always stays with you but over time it gets better and you find ways to deal with it yourself. Just don’t drug yourself up, that stuff messes with your head.

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