Exploring Clinical and Personality Characteristics of Adult Male Internet-Only Child Pornography Offenders.

Exploring Clinical and Personality Characteristics of Adult Male Internet-Only Child Pornography Offenders.

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Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol. 2012 Nov 22;
Magaletta PR, Faust E, Bickart W, McLearen AM

Despite the dramatic increase in the number of convicted child pornography offenders, little is known about their potential clinical needs. The few studies that do explore this subgroup of sex offenders suggest clinical heterogeneity compared with other sex offender subgroups. However, research designs used in many studies have limited generalizability, have examined primarily treated or treatment samples, and have not included comparisons with nontreatment, community samples of men. The current study addresses such limitations by using nontreatment samples and multiple comparison groups to examine mean scales score differences on a commonly used clinical and personality assessment, the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI). The sample, drawn from an admissions cohort of federal offenders, those Internet-only Child Pornography Offenders (ICPOs; n = 35) and those with a history of child molesting exclusively (child molesters, n = 26). They were compared with each other and the male normative sample from the PAI. Results indicate that interpersonal deficits and depression featured most prominently in the profiles of the ICPOs. Consistent with prior research, they also obtained lower scores on aggression and dominance compared with the child molesters and the male normative sample. Implications for future research, training, and clinical practice with incarcerated ICPOs are offered.
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Fruit, vegetable, and antioxidant intakes are lower in older adults with depression.

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J Acad Nutr Diet. 2012 Dec; 112(12): 2022-7
Payne ME, Steck SE, George RR, Steffens DC

Studies have shown an association between depression and both antioxidant levels and oxidant stress, but generally have not included intakes of antioxidants and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. This study examined the cross-sectional associations between clinically diagnosed depression and intakes of antioxidants, fruits, and vegetables in a cohort of older adults. Antioxidant, fruit, and vegetable intakes were assessed in 278 elderly participants (144 with depression, 134 without depression) using a Block 1998 food frequency questionnaire that was administered between 1999 and 2007. All participants were aged 60 years or older. Vitamin C, lutein, and beta cryptoxanthin intakes were significantly lower among individuals with depression than in comparison participants (P<0.05). In addition, fruit and vegetable consumption, a primary determinant of antioxidant intake, was lower in individuals with depression. In multivariable models controlling for age, sex, education, vascular comorbidity score, body mass index, total dietary fat, and alcohol; vitamin C, beta cryptoxanthin, fruits, and vegetables remained significant. Antioxidants from dietary supplements were not associated with depression. Antioxidant, fruit, and vegetable intakes were lower in individuals with late-life depression than in comparison participants. These associations may partially explain the elevated risk of cardiovascular disease among older individuals with depression. In addition, these findings point to the importance of antioxidant food sources rather than dietary supplements. HubMed – depression


Preventive exercise in sports.

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PM R. 2012 Nov; 4(11): 862-6
Finnoff JT

Sports injuries are common and can result in significant problems, such as pain, social isolation, depression, disability (temporary or permanent), loss of income, or loss of scholarship. Further, sports injuries can predispose the athlete to future injury or degenerative disorders, for example, osteoarthritis. Therefore, a preventive approach is paramount, and exercise can be used as an effective tool to prevent sports-related injuries. This article describes the process by which successful injury prevention programs can be developed and implemented by using noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injury programs as an example. The knowledge gained from this information can be used in the future to assist in the creation of new injury prevention programs for other common sports injuries.
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