Explanation on Anxiety Attacks and How to Stop Them?

Question by cursedXruined: Explanation on Anxiety Attacks and How to stop them?
I’ve been searching out what exactly has been going on with me, and I’ve been told I may be having “anxiety” attacks. Can someone explain to me the exact symptoms and basically the mechanics I guess you could say of an anxiety attack. What are they and how can I stop them when they come on?

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Answer by SERENITY
i suffer from panic attacks also known as panic disorder
look at this site it will give you all information you need to know and self help


Answer by Jonas
Panic attacks, also known as anxiety attacks, are simply a manifestation of strong anxiety. There may be many underlying triggers of your panic attacks. Panic attacks are thought to emanate from higher adrenaline production, thus increasing your heart rate and giving you a speedy feeling. During panic attacks, many thoughts are rushing in your head leading to an information overload, where you just can not process all of them at once.

It is rather difficult to stop them as anxiety in most cases is an irrational phenomenon which will act individually of your conscious mind. However meditation, supplements, exercise and many other techniques will help you alleviate their severity. If your panic attacks are due to phobias, such as social phobia, you will want to work on improving this condition. It is important to track down the triggers of the anxiety and learn to face them without fear.

I have found supplements and exercise one of the most useful, do a little research and you will find more great ways which may be helpful to you at reducing anxiety.


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