Experts Explore Avenues for Better Brain Tumor Treatment

Experts Explore Avenues for Better Brain Tumor Treatment
VIENNA, Austria — Although many tumors are now successfully treated with modern drugs and better-targeted radiation therapy, primary brain tumors and secondary metastatic ones to the brain still present a major treatment obstacle. At the recent XXI … Read more on Medscape

Postnatal Depression Internet Therapy Is Effective
For the study, a team of researchers created and evaluated an internet Behavioral Action (BA) treatment for 83 mothers who had 'major depressive disorder'. The treatment involved mental health workers who were available for telephone calls for each 12 … Read more on Counsel & Heal

Mother Antonia Brenner
She bought a house near the prison to serve as a refuge for women leaving the prison, for women and children visiting family members, and women and children in Tijuana for cancer treatment. … During the Depression he struggled to keep food on the … Read more on