Expert Explains Eating Disorder Red Flags, Interventions


Expert explains eating disorder red flags, interventions – Physicians say they are seeing boys as well as girls suffer from eating disorders. But what’s really important to recognize are the red flags that signal som…


'Rowing helped me beat eating disorder'
STUDENT Esther Rich believes rowing is one of the reasons she has beaten an eating disorder. The 19-year-old member of Corpus Christi College Boat Club had anorexia during her early teens, leaving her in hospital for nine months when she was 15. Read more on Oxford Mail

Drunkorexia: When Not Eating Meets Binge Drinking
And, says Dr. Stratyner, drunkorexia is on its way to being deemed an official eating disorder. "In the spirit of National Alcoholic Screening Day [today, April 11], there is no better time than now to start to understand and recognize that there is … Read more on Glamour (blog)

Amanda Bynes is suffering from an eating disorder.
Amanda's eating disorder revelation comes after she was involved in a series of legal troubles earlier this year, and in December she settled two hit-and-run cases after reaching a civil compromise with her victims, saving herself from a potential 12 … Read more on