Experiences of Psychosis


Experiences of psychosis – Introduction to our psychosis module http://www.healthtalkonline.org/mental_health/Experiences_of_psychosis.


Mental Health Disorder Linked to Violence and Other Crimes
Schizoaffective Disorder – similar to bipolar and psychotic depression. Symptoms of either psychosis or mood disturbance occurs at the same time but there is usually a period of time when there is psychosis present but no mood disturbance. Throughout … Read more on Guardian Express

Randy Newman, Joe Pantoliano heading to Red Bank film fest
“Being diagnosed with clinical depression, I was nothing but relieved. I finally felt like it had a name, and it wasn't my fault … and that was to get out of the Army by faking mental disease. But he's beaten so brutally that he actually does have a … Read more on Asbury Park Press