Ex-Patients Police Mexico's Mental Health System

Ex-Patients Police Mexico's Mental Health System
Now, a growing number of people with severe mental illnesses, a population that is largely mocked and ignored here, are joining the fray, pressing a well-documented issue. A 2010 … In January, President Enrique Peña Nieto, promising to fulfill Mexico … Read more on New York Times

State Of Mind Profile: Anne Donahue
In the mid-1990s I was hospitalized a number of times, including for one stay that was seven weeks, with very severe treatment-resistant major depression. Suicide and the risk of it and thoughts of it were the reason I was in the hospital as frequently … Read more on Vermont Public Radio

Depressed Alzheimer's patients “benefit from antidepressant”
Alzheimer's disease patients with major depression benefit from treatment with the antidepressant drug sertraline, according to US researchers. And successful treatment of depression in these patients results in improved behaviour and activities of … Read more on Telemanagement