Eric Johnson – Manic Depression


Eric Johnson – Manic Depression – Eric Johnson – Anaheim – Live At The Groove 2006 Originally written and performed by Jimi Hendrix


Jesse Jackson Jr pleads guilty: 'I misled the American people'
The Mayo Clinic announced on 27 July that Jackson had been admitted. Jackson was treated for at least six weeks at Mayo for bipolar disorder, sometimes called manic depression. It is marked by highs and lows of mood, and can be treated by medication … Read more on The Guardian

US media must address real causes of suicide
The issues stem from cognitive disorders — clinical and manic depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and other abnormalities in the chemicals present in the brain. Of all suicides, 90 percent are committed by people with a diagnosed, treatable … Read more on NYU Washington Square News

Three experts will examine Julie Schenecker's mental state
Records released in the case showed Schenecker had long battled and been treated for manic depression. Police found 12 medications, including powerful antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, when they searched the home after finding the children's bodies. Read more on