Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Intervention in the Arena


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: Intervention in the Arena – Horses can be beneficial for the treatment of clients struggling with eating disorders as well as other physical and mental disorders. Cheryl returns to explain the dynamics of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, including a discussion involving how to utilize horses in the mental health field, defining the therapy roles of EAP team members, choosing appropriate horses for interventions and the use of metaphors during EAP sessions. Case examples will include the treatment of body image issues, nutrition, OCD, trauma, fear and boundary issues.


Mental health parity may finally become a reality

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The files chronicle the nine appeals where she begged her provider to cover treatment for her eating disorder. Among the insurance reviewer's reasons for denying care: "There are also religious groups who fast and that is not psychopathology …
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Houston Eating Disorders Specialists (HEDS) Conference: The Journey of Hope

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Eating disorders are serious and potentially lethal conditions affecting millions of individuals, yet recovery is possible with appropriate treatment. Craig Johnson, PhD, FAED, CEDS, a thought leader in the field, is the keynote speaker who will …
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Supersize vs Superskinny – Emma Cain goes head to head with Robert Musgrove

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supersize-vs-superskinny-s2_200x113. And Emma Woolf shows up in Holland to to look at the growing industry of online treatment for eating disorders, and she spend time with bulimic binge-eater Jessica, who says the form of therapy has worked for her.
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