Episode One Of: Sunny Sunday: Depression Advice.

Episode one of: Sunny Sunday: Depression advice.
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How to Spot Signs of Mental Illness
Rapid or dramatic shifts in feelings or “mood swings”- If someone you know seems depressed without any change for over a week, he or she might be suffering from moderate or more serious depression. Likewise, a long period of being excessively happy … Read more on Onlymyhealth

The Quiet Epidemic of Senior Drug Abuse
The majority of seniors who become dependent on prescription drugs are being treated for legitimate medical issues such as pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia. They may increase their dose against medical advice in order to seek greater relief from … Read more on A Place for Mom Senior Living News and Trends (blog)

Colette Ann Durkin, 83, small woman raised big family with big heart
That's great advice. It's not unique, but I witnessed it in her.” Mrs. Durkin and her husband pushed their sons to succeed academically, all attending Divine Infant grammar school and Fenwick High School in Oak Park before going their respective routes … Read more on Chicago Sun-Times

Live chat: Dr. Monica O'Neal on how to build healthy eating habits
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