Epiphany at 12:54 AM


epiphany at 12:54 AM – 12:42 AM – ä: brb 12:42 AM – ä: i wanna try to make instant noodles 12:42 AM – ä: RIGHT IN THE BAG 12:42 AM – ä: NO BOWL 12:42 AM – Herpy McDooves: well mewtwo and starmies cry are really really similar 12:42 AM – Herpy McDooves: good luck 12:42 AM – Herpy McDooves: and take pics bro 12:42 AM – ä: K 12:42 AM – ä: WISH ME LUCK 12:42 AM – ä: I WILL CRACK A RAW EGG IN IT 12:42 AM – cebceb44-32 this can’t end well 12:43 AM – ä: i’m thinking of using a bowl to hold it partially 12:43 AM – ä: but the bag will remain


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(Charles Isherwood). 'Chaplin: The Musical' Though Rob McClure does a graceful impersonation of the title character of this soppy bio-musical, the off-screen Charlie Chaplin is often missing in action, devoured by a swarm of man-eating clichés …
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