Enjoying Healthy Eating: Dairy Foods.

Enjoying healthy eating: dairy foods.

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Diabetes Self Manag. 2012 Sep-Oct; 29(5): 21-4
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A hospital specialized in eating disorders – I am going to go to an outpatient facility in Montreal soon it’s 4 days a week from Tuesday to Friday it starts at 9:00 AM and for me it ends at 7:30 PM instead of 3:30 PM because im a more severe case I take my meals there where it is supervised. I may have to eat meat when I am there because I have to eat what Im served and I dont want to get kicked out of the program. It lasts for 3 months I found a place to stay at the Y. They have internet so I can still keep in touch with you guys My bulimia is crazy out of control, so I really need this….


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