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en la paloma alcoholik – otro del 18!!


Police & Courts: May 11, 2013
Police say a staff member at Orchard Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre in Granville saw Theodore Davidson, 71, of Glens Falls abuse the resident, who is an acquaintance of Davidson's. The staff member reported to incident to the facility manager … Read more on The Saratogian

Tom McNally writes… transforming rehabilitation – Liberal Democrat Voice
Those given shorter sentences in prison are no less likely to have difficult and complicated problems, such as drug and alcohol abuse, as those who receive longer sentences. They need access to the same sorts of interventions and support if they are to … Read more on Liberal Democrat Voice

Beale alone must tackle his demons
Everywhere Beale goes, he takes with him his personality and unresolved issues with alcohol. He can run to Sydney or Brisbane or even to the NRL but until he resolves his issues, they'll tag along right behind him. There is no outrunning them. Even his … Read more on The Australian