Employment Medical Check: Do I Say I Had Depression at One Point?

Question by michelle: Employment medical check: do I say I had depression at one point?
Was offered a job overseas. They say I have to pass medical check before I can sign the contract. The medical form asks all kinds of invasive questions (which I find offensive). Including one asking if I have ever had depression, or took “psychiatric medications.” It’s been many years since I had it and I’ve been perfectly fine, do I have to put down that I had or can I just say no. Will insurance companies actually check up on my medical history? What would you do?

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Answer by BushPilot69X
Is part of the questionnaire a release? If so, they will likely check your records.

And the reason they ask invasive questions is that the job is overseas, and they don’t want surprises when you get over there, since it’s expensive to send you back and forth.

It’s all about costs and risks associated with hiring you. If they feel you’ll be a potential liability, they’d rather not hire you.

What you decide to put on the application is up to you, but if you conceal a material fact, they could fire you and possibly even sue you for costs associated with travel, etc. after such concealment. Of course, if you do put it on there, you risk not getting hired at all.

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