Emily Elbert – Whipping Post/Manic Depression (Live)

Emily Elbert – Whipping Post/Manic Depression (live)
Here’s a recent version of my Allman Brothers/Jimi Hendrix medley of these two great songs, live from Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas, TX, Nov 2012. Hope you d…



Baking And Depression: How Cupcakes Can Make You Even Happier
Whaite, who was diagnosed with manic depression eight years ago, told the BBC: "Baking helps lift my depression. It can't cure it but it helps." "When I'm in the kitchen, measuring the amount of sugar, flour, or butter I need for a recipe or cracking … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

What It's Been Like WITHOUT The Affordable Care Act
So, I'm going to try and use the next 30 days as a way to mine some of the topics that I want to cover in my theoretical book about manic-depression, navigating it, my memoir of my own journey, etc. I'm going to just write about what I've gone through … Read more on ChicagoNow (blog)