Embarrassing Bodies – Age Concern Day Centre to Help Depression and Sever Itching

Embarrassing Bodies – Age concern day centre to help depression and sever itching
84 year old Audrey popped in to see Dr Pixie over her agonising all over itching that had been tormenting her for 3-years. Dr Pixie diagnoses the relatively …



Brutal cold makes post-vacation depression worse
function properly,” added Halaris. Environmental stresses, such as extreme cold weather, can help trigger depression in people who already are vulnerable due to SAD, post-holiday blues or other factors, said the study. Bright light affects brain … Read more on Zee News

Depressed? Help is out there
The lull of January often leaves people feeling a little blue. A vacuum in the wake of Christmas, the blues of over indulgence, dark cold weather with little natural sunlight and for many the daunting realisation of unemployment, mounting bills and … Read more on Mayo News

Support service will help Merseyside mums beat post-natal depression
The money is being used by PSS to expand its pioneering work helping women suffering from post-natal depression. But charity bosses said the money will be also be used to help them work with women who have been referred to them ante-natally. Read more on Liverpool Echo