Ella’s Story


Ella’s Story – Last year, we met a spirited young girl named Ella Tucker. You probably recognize this name because Ella is our 2011 Change Bandit hero. Ella came in to this…


Rebecca's House Excited by Advances in Eating Disorder Diagnosis
A recent study by the Eating Disorder Treatment and Research Program at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, under the watchful eye of the director and professor of psychiatry, Walter H. Kaye shows newfound progress in connecting … Read more on SBWire (press release)

Are Men With Eating Disorders More Likely to Be Involved in Sexual Harassment?
Eating disorders are increasing among men in the United States, particularly younger men, yet the vast majority of prevention programs are designed for girls and women, the study noted. "Although boys and men have lower rates of weight/shape concerns … Read more on Science World Report